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It is important that you check your tyre pressures on a weekly basis. Use a good quality tyre pressure guage to check them. Tyre pressures are often displayed on a plate on the side of the drivers' door.


Under inflated tyres increase fuel consumption, are more prone to punctures and wear quicker, as well as reducing your control of the vehicle.


Over inflated tyres are more liable to blow out or puncture, as well as reduce vehicle control.

Looking at the tread of your tyre, you will see some tread wear indicators in the tread's groove. Once the tyre has worn down to these indicators, it is time to replace it. It is recomended that you purchase a tyre depth tread indicator, to keep your tyres safe and legal.


Worn tyres lead to reduced road grip, aquaplaning and more chance of getting a puncture or tyre blow-out, aswell as a possible fine or points on you licence.

If your tyres are defective in anyway, they could 'blow out', especially when travelling at high speeds, making you lose control of the vehicle. Defects to watch for include:


Buldges or damage on the tyre's sidewall, including excessive cracking


Objects stuck in the tyres, such as nails and screws


Uneven wear on the tyres

Other things to look out for

Checking the tread on your tyres

Checking your tyre pressures

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